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Checks Wholesale strives to provide our members with a wide range of quality products. Through carefully research to better understand the needs of our members, we will develop, and test new products. We highly value your input, for product recommendation email us at Checks Wholesale is a safe and secure website, and any information you share with us is also safe and secure. Help us help you, and we'll gladly return the favor by becoming an even better source for your financial document needs.


Protecting privacy is not new to Checks Wholesale. We have a long history of recognizing and protecting the privacy of consumers. Committed to protecting your privacy and utilizing technology that gives you the safest and most powerful online experience available. We understand that Checks Wholesale is being supplied with very personal information through our safe and secure website, we will safeguard any information you share with us.


Our standard laser checks typically ship within 1-2 business days, preferred shipping method for laser checks is Ground or expedited. Orders of personal checks are typically shipped in 2-3 business days, and often arrive in 10 to 14 days through USPS. Should you require faster service be sure to add on Plant Rush Service and elect for Expedited Shipping.


Checks Wholesale assures and guarantees our products will meet or exceed all bank, Federal (including Check21), and ABA standards and requirements This means our products will be clearly read by the electronic processing equipment used by your bank. Carefully checking over your information and any numbers entered can be vital to ensure that your documents are completed properly. We do not alter any information you provide. Misspelled words or incorrect numbers entered in your order will be reflected in the product you receive, and are not included in our replacement or refund policies.

Checks Wholesale offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee does not however provide for mis-entered information and we cannot refund orders which feature errors due to improper information being supplied.


Our ongoing pursuit of excellence has resulted in offering a very large selection of software compatible formats, and custom templates. Through our continuing research into format and software changes, we can assure and guarantee to you that our checks will be perfectly comparable with your unaltered software.


Checks Wholesale uses all the security features we can to ensure that your personal information is secure. Features such as Micro printing, security screens, and security bands are employed to ensure your protection against check fraud. Through our experience, we are able to offer you the security of knowing that as a dedicated check printing company, we're up to date on the latest and safest encryption methods. Before you place an order anywhere else, ask yourself if they specialize in check printing, or simply offer these services as an afterthought.


Checks Wholesale is proud to offer special features for our business checks such as multiple signature lines, special text copy above the signature line, unique logos and formats as well as reverse numbering. Should your business require such extra features on your checks, contact our customer service department via telephone or an email sent to


We highly value our working agreements with whole sale companies, banks and software companies. Contact us at or call our customer service center to inquire about commission plans, special pricing and other great offers we can extend to valued members.